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Lead generation with Google Hangout
17 July 2019

Lead generation with Google Hangout

Google Hangout is really a great way to communicate with your customers and employees. You can set up meetings, webinars, Q&A sessions and many more things with Hangout in order to improve your communication and create promotional videos.

Before initiating the Hangout, you need to define the goal why you are conducting a Hangout. Lead generation is also a prime objective for businesses and marketers. Capturing emails of users are possible with Google Hangout.

Here are some tactics to assist you in lead generation with Google Hangout –

  • Ask sign up for webinar:

Hosting a webinar using Google Hangout, you can request viewers to sign up or login to their Google+ profile to watch the webinar. So if the user doesn’t have a Google+ profile you can restrict them and ask them to sign up. You can also request them to add you in their circle for future updates.

  • Use a count-down timer for hangout registration:

Running a count-down timer on your Hangout registration page to remind users about the event. Timer create curiosity among the users so they like to register for your Hangout and join the conversation.

  • Enable a replay:

Replay is a great method to get those users who didn’t attend your Hangout due to some reason. You can send links of replay to your users via email to your subscriber list. And if new user visit your link ask them to subscribe or sign up.

  • Ask for registration to view more:

Create a step by step product demonstration video series and offer initial one or two video without registration. Ask them for log in or sign up to view more videos from you. With this method, you will get only potential leads.

  • Past Hangout promotion:

To boost the traffic to your Hangout after getting it over, advertise it across your channels and social networks. And request for their email id to give them access to Hangout. Interested customers will provide you the details.

You can also use plugin to generate leads with Hangout that you can apply on registration page, landing page, and squeeze page.

Apply these tips into your business, these will surely assist you to get more leads and build your own lead base. The leads, you will get with these tactics will more likely to be converted into customers.


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