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Tricks to apply in Google Hangout campaign
17 July 2019

Tricks to apply in Google Hangout campaign

Google Hangout is the best place to promote yourself and your business along with sharing information amongst your targeted audiences. Google hangout is an asset for small as well as big business. It connects you with your contractors and investors from long distance and you can stay in touch with your employees working from home and those who have to travel.

You can run various campaigns on google hangouts as they would be beneficial for your online presence amongst your targeted audiences.  It is the best replacement to the costly webinars as you and your prospects can have 1 one on it.  Following are the certain tricks to apply in google hangout campaign:

  • Crowdsourcing:

Google hangout is the best place to share your ideas and expertise over products and services to a wider audiences. It help in generating goodwill and would help in providing value to your guests. This will help in crowdsourcing for your business. For this you can create a basic agenda in case the questions aren’t rolling in at first. This helps in reaching larger audience while you share your expertise.


  • The Question & Answer:

Google Hangouts allows you to receive questions before you go live. From these you can choose the best ones and answer them when you go live. Having a question and answer session is an easy task for you as you know all the answers about your business. 


  • The Demonstration:

Demonstrating your products and services over hangouts would help your customers to know about their working. Viewers respond positively when provided something of value.  While demonstrating, provide more contact information and encourage your prospects to follow up with any queries.


  • The Giveaway:

Giveaways helps in driving tremendous amount of traffic for your business. Make little efforts to attract your prospects and give something that suits your audience. After hangout and giveaway take the follow up from your prospects.


  • Pull Back the Curtain:

Show people something interesting about your business through which they can feel connected with you and that you are known to them. Be little casual while having hangout with your audience, as audience like honest representations. Provide looks for your new products and services, it is an easy way to grab attention of your prospects and bring in more followers for you.


 You can use these tricks to manage and promote your business over google hangouts within your prospects.



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