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Hassle-free Techniques to Find High-Volume Keywords & Boost SERP's for Your YouTube Videos
17 July 2019

Hassle-free Techniques to Find High-Volume Keywords & Boost SERP's for Your YouTube Videos


Digital marketing in rampant nowadays and video marketing is continuously becoming an integral part of it. Videos benefit a marketer in numerous ways. If you want to show your videos in the top YouTube search results, you need to unite them with SEO Strategies. And, thus, finding high-volume keywords for your video content becomes extremely necessary.

High-volume keywords are ‘terms that are highly searched by the audience’. These terms can be searched on Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. So, to rank your content, you must include those high-volume keywords that will cater to a larger audience.

Now, the question arises; how do you find those search terms that are in demand? There are few ways that will help you to find those high-volume keywords/search terms.


YouTube Autocomplete

When you type anything in YouTube search (incognito mode), you get some suggestions. These suggestions are keywords which are popular among the audience. This feature of YouTube is called autocomplete. By getting suggestions, you can easily know about the search terms that a lot of people search on YouTube. You can use these keywords in your Video Title, Description and tags.


Competitor Research

You can also research about top videos in your niche. Go to your competitors’ channel and open their videos. Check what keywords they have used in title, descriptions and tag.

You can easily find out the keywords used in title and descriptions but to find out what keywords are there in the videos’ tags, you have to do a few things.

Right click on the video and click on ‘view page source’ to see the HTML coding. Search the word ‘keyword’ using ‘CTRL+F’ on the page. You will see a few words and phrases related to your topic. Those are keywords used as tags in that video by your competitor. You can use them too.


Take Help from VidIQ and TubeBuddy

VidIQ is a famous keyword tool for YouTube. Just brainstorm a related keyword and enter it into the search bar of VidIQ. You will get a complete list of keyword ideas. The list contains keywords with search volume and competition score.

TubeBuddy has a Tag Explorer feature, which is somewhat similar to SEO keyword finder. All you need to do is to enter a keyword on which you want to rank your video and you will get many suggested keywords there. It also includes a ‘summary’ section showing the search volume and competitive analysis of a keyword on a scale from 0-100.


Google Video Keywords

Your video should be ranked on YouTube as well as Google Search. To rank your video in Google Search, you need to have ‘Google Result Keywords’. Google result keywords are those keywords on which Google ranks your video. And, Google doesn’t rank videos for every keyword. So, you have to manually search for those by entering in the Google search bar and find out on what keyword Google is showing results as for video. If you find any keyword, you can use it to get a chance to rank your video in Google.


With the help of High-volume keywords, you can rank your videos in YouTube search results. As video marketing is growing day by day, becoming proficient at YouTube ranking strategy is a must to give a boost to your video marketing campaigns.


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